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Personal Insurance

We make personal insurance, well, personal.

It’s not as simple as you might think, protecting a home, a family, a livelihood. Who would you entrust this to? A call centre? A web form? Or an experienced Insurance Consultant? 

We listen to what you need. We respond with clear professional advice. You enjoy peace of mind at an affordable price. Simples! (someone once said!)

Call us today to save yourself time and money. Benefit from our extensive range of products, knowledge and expertise in both arranging your insurance and support in the event of a claim, when you need us the most. We are here for you.

Fine Art Insurance - If you own fine art, antiques or collectables in your home, you may want to consider a specialist policy in additional to your usual home insurance.

Travel Insurance - Single trip, annual multi-trip or backpackers travel insurance for individuals, couples of families.

Probate Insurance - Most home insurances won’t cover property whilst in probate. Arrange your insurance with us in the name of the Executors and whilst unoccupied, up for sale or lived in by a relative.  

Unoccupied Home Insurance - Standard policies don’t usually accept homes being unoccupied beyond 30 days. Whatever the reason, we can help.

UK Holiday Home Insurance - Insurance for holiday homes for personal use only, or rented out.  Specific cover designed to protect your investment.

Overseas Home Insurance -  Cover homes overseas from UK insurers. We can insurer your holiday homes or permanent home if you are living abroad as an ex-pat. 

Private Medical Insurance - Arranged in line with your budget from cash plans to full cover for you, your family and your extended family.

Crisis Insurance - Wealth is an appealing target for criminals.  Prevention information and guidance to minimise your security risks.

Enjoy a range of services to create excellent security consultancy advice backed up with robust insurance cover and guaranteed access to a range of crisis response experts.

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