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Our Story

MPI, in a way, started in late 2010 as Entrust Insurance when Jeremy and Kelly combined insurance, customer services and operations expertise to form a friendly, professional, and family run local insurance broker.

We enjoy protecting our clients and providing our service and with thanks to their long term continued custom the business goes from strength to strength.

Know who you are working with

Jeremy has served in the British Army with an engineering background, worked in Banking, but mainly in insurance since 1996 gaining the skills required to run Morris Perrin Insurance.

Kelly enjoyed an employed career in customer services until 2008 when she became a business owner and now runs multiple businesses and is a published author.

As a business we connect into Momentum Insurance Solutions giving us over £50M of premium buying power, access to the whole insurance market, the industry leading software and a team of highly qualified insurance brokers. 

Why might this important to you?

It demonstrates that we have the expertise at local level and backed up fully at corporate level, giving you, the client, confidence that our service has the breadth, depth, range and quality required to protect you when arranging insurance.

Let’s call it our 4-dimensional service! 

Why our brand is purposeful and important to us and our clients

We consult with every client. We analyse our client’s businesses to recommend appropriate insurance and spend time with our clients to explain personal insurances. No matter what size of business or policy, we are here for you. Similarly, when discussing tax issues with your Accountant or legal matters with your Solicitor, this level of consultation has to be.

Our branding reflects this. We decided to avoid a funky or catchy name, or a hook that suggests we are here for the masses, arranging policies impersonally. We have put our own names over the door.


To us, and we hope to you, that means something. Not hiding behind a glossy façade but delivering you a professional service, upfront and personally.  


See what our customers are saying about us on our home page. 

And we thank those clients for taking the time to share their experiences, hopefully for the benefit of others that are looking for our services.

Meet The Team

Jeremy Perrin-2.jpg

Jeremy Perrin

Job Title: Managing Director


Actual Job: Insurance Guru!

Sports Team: Mercedes F1

Favourite Film: Red Dawn

Favourite Superhero: Superman

What people say about me: Talks a lot!


Kelly Perrin

Job Title: Operations Director


Actual Job: Everything.... Admin, Finance, Marketing.

Sports Team: Tottenham Hotspurs

Favourite Film: Pride & Prejudice

Favourite Superhero: Wonder Woman

What people say about me: Ambitious

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