Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Its not what we can arrange for you, its how we do it. Getting under the skin of your business enables us to assess the risks you are exposed to. Risks you may not have considered, but we know exist, because that’s our job.

Its all about business continuity and “what would happen if”. Understanding this, we can engineer your insurance programme.

Consult with us to discover a world of protection at affordable premiums. Insure potential incidents before they happen. Let us guide you. Let us protect you.

Research our range of products. Call us today to find out how they can work for you to protect your business. 


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Our Services

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Public & Employers Liability

The core of business insurance. Protection against claims from the public and employees for damage to property and injury.

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Packaged Business Policy

Comprehensive insurance for owners of business with up to ten employees. Standard and generous cover for trades, professions, shops and restaurants.

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Commercial Combined

Bespoke insurance that can be adapted to insure larger or complex businesses. Leading A rated insurers and our consultative approach to arrange your comprehensive insurance program.

Commercial Motor Fleet

Three vehicles plus and a fleet policy conveniently covers all your wheels in one place. Cars, vans, trucks and specialist commercial vehicles.

A must have insurance that covers the costs of a hack to your system or data breach, including system repairs, data recovery and lost revenue. If you hold client data, then you run the risk of an attack that will cause your business disruption and a loss of income.

60% of businesses fail after a cyber attached. Cyber Liability is the last line on defence to keep you in business.

Protect your organisation from loss of money, securities, or inventory resulting from crime, including employee dishonesty, embezzlement, forgery, robbery, safe burglary, computer fraud, wire transfer fraud, counterfeiting, and other criminal acts.

Manage your risks associated with offering credit to other businesses. Protect yourself from non-payment of invoices that could arise due to bankruptcy or insolvency of your customers.

Trade credit insurance cover is available for goods that you have already sent or services provided on credit terms.

Despite best intentions, Directors can make mistakes and are often personally legally liable for them. Constantly walking a fine line, making tough and complex decisions with huge impacts and sometimes with limited information available.

A D&O policy can provide legal support to defend legal claims, investigations and corporate manslaughter amongst many other eventualities. A crucial insurance for the discerning business director.

Protect against damage to your office premises, contents and equipment, business interruption leading to loss of income and public and employers liability. Bespoke your policy to include or exclude covers to suit your business and budget.

Businesses are increasingly impacted by terrorist incidents. Police cordons and exclusion zones can hinder access. You may suffer a subsequent loss of attraction, both of which can lead to a reduction in takings.

Property damage and business interruption insurance as a consequence for terrorist and extremist acts for your business continuity.

Insurance for protection against the physical loss or damage to building works. A policy will reimburse for repair or replacement of the insured works following damage caused by an insured event.

An annual insurance policy that provides Directors with cover in the event a lender calls in the Personal Directors Guarantee. An important consideration when analysing your business exposures from every angle.

Insure items from theft, loss or damage whilst they are being transported by vehicle from one place to another in the course of business. Cover for own tools and equipment, furniture removal and couriers or hauliers.

Cover specific to your professional to suit the risks you face. Insure against claims for your accidental errors and omissions.  Safe guard your business with PI insurance as a part of your contingency planning.

Cover Private Medical Insurance for you and your employees. Provide a key benefit to your loyal employees. For your contingency planning, get your important employees back to work safely following illness and medical conditions.

Ever considered what could happen if a key employee suffered a serious injury and was unable to work? Employee expertise is a company asset. How would you react if something happened to them? What contingency plans do you have in place?

Imagine if an unforeseen catastrophe prevented you from operating your business. Maybe a theft, fire or flood. Now imagine how that could impact your business, and the ongoing relationship with your customers and employees, the expertise within your business.

For owners of a single or portfolio of commercial properties. Cover buildings used commercially, residential or a combination. Let, sub-let, leased or owner occupied. Exceptionally keen premiums from leading UK A-rated insurers backed our broking, valuation and claims support.

Are insurers cover the costs arising from a broad range of threats that may impact your people, business, brand or reputation. This is more than kidnap and ransom insurance. It is an umbrella policy for Crisis Solutions offering world-wide coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Covers for business legal expenses or prosecution fees for issues such as employment tribunals, HMRC tax investigations, or civil actions brought under the Data Protection Act.

Many employment tribunals take place each year.  The average defence cost for an employer is £8,500. Tax investigations can also hit businesses hard in time and money, as can regulatory investigations. Even if you think you are not regulated, many government agencies may investigate you including Trading Standards, Food Standards Agency and the Competition and Markets Agency.

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